How much money is wasted on hot women who pretend they can’t hear?

Maybe she makes your heart beat faster, but your blood pressure is boiling after each encounter when you judge a book only by its cover.

Most pros are under the mistaken impression that all that’s required is to show up, groom themselves and gyrate like a gymnast. You want to get relief and most women CAN do that but DON’T do that, because of all the hair raising blood curdling quirks that block and diminish your enjoyment.

Nice and Pretty doesn’t make up for ANNOYING.

You’re in a catch-22, mid stroke because if you speak up and mention that one little thing that gets on your nerves you’re worried that she’ll morph into a dead starfish and stretch the clock as much as possible to waste time and get it over with faster.

  • It’s the defensiveness whenever you give performance based observations
  • The extra attitude whenever you remind her of your preferences
  • The passive aggressive service that leaves you feeling like you got swindled and could have done other things with your cash
  • She says she can do everything to get you in the door, and does next to nothing once you enter.

You have no way of knowing that beforehand so you’re wary, but high definition pictures are hypnotizing. The image of her on top of you makes you almost forget the last time you tried it and it didn’t work.

You vow to never do the same thing again, but there are no guarantees because up until you meet her everything looks as it should and she just says yes to anything and when called out on it…denies everything.

You see ads that have centerfold photos and phrases that sound like a Harlequin romance ripoff. You struggle to distinguish one woman from the next except for some slight variations in hair and skin color and cup size. Only the really beautiful and really ugly standout, everyone else is a bit of a blur. You roll the dice again, pick someone new and resist the urge to push her off the bed because she won’t shut up and refuses to listen.

The only thing frilly about me is my underwear. 
Frilly people constantly move the goal posts, can’t decide on anything and say everything that sounds good only to flop and break their word whenever it’s awkward. You have high self esteem already, so you’d rather I stroke other things besides your ego.

So for $1,200 and 90 minutes, you’ll have access to a woman that has the ear of an owl and welcomes constructive criticism. 

I have soft skin, but I also have thick skin, and when you book me, you can get straight to the point immediately if something needs polishing or adjusting

You get:

  • ✅Zero interruptions and 100% of my attention
  • ✅Laser-like focus on your unique expectations
  • ✅You can visit me or have me visit you…or fly to you ✈️

I promise:

  • 🚫No Excuses: I commit to things I CAN do, If I can’t, you’ll know BEFORE you book so your time is protected 
  • 🚫No Judgment: Constructive criticism is welcomed, I’d rather you grin with joy than grin with gritted teeth
  • 🚫No clock milking: Your time is YOUR TIME. Each second is dedicated to YOUR satisfaction.

You didn’t come here to watch me do THIS

You’d much rather WE do THAT

Book Ann, she understands.

What you can expect is from me is bulls-eye focus on the things YOU like. There’s always room for improvement and you benefit DIRECTLY from my obsession with feedback.

Because I have blind spots, I’ve made this questionnaire so that you can shed some light on what matters most to YOU. This protects your time by providing a road map to making sure each minute counts.

Click here for the Fantasy Survey.

You’ll be surprised to see that the questions directly cut to the chase. You’ll be asked about what your dream fantasies and turn-ons are. There are zero invasive questions about your career and nothing you need to upload to complete it.

It speeds things up if you give at least 48 hours notice if you would like a guaranteed appointment time.

Is this your first time trying to see me?

Calling, texting, e-mailing, and sending private messages on ad sites are

snail s-l-o-w🐌 methods of getting an appointment…if we’ve never met before.

I check my messages on online ad venues ONCE a week. 

If you’d like to SEE ME IN A HURRY and rush the process,

click on this button →  otherwise you *risk having to wait at least 168 hours before you get an answer.

Where are you located?

Image39call Charleston, South Carolina home. When I’m in the north, Connecticut is my base.

Right now, I’m in the…


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