You can’t spell

Without the word


People with low libidos really DO see the world differently.

It’s common to hear things like…

“Why can’t you just keep your pants zipped?”

“Is THAT all you ever think about?!?”

“You did WHAT?!?!”

a whole lot of shaming language so even if you have a lot of energy you’re lumped in with the creeps and weirdos who can’t take NO for an answer even when you’re a productive member of society.

It’s annoying.

Some people might think that “doing it” is something that’s nice to do “once in a while” or only during special occasions but that’s for MEDIOCRITY.

The problem is the people who talk about it in public the most are really BAD at doing it. So they have the loudest megaphone the biggest platform, and have spent lots of time and money on PSA’s and studies guilt tripping people that their baseline level of virility should be the world’s standard and everyone else that wants to do it less than THEY do needs to keep it in their pants and get over it.

Crazier wackier bedroom stuff has been mistakenly lumped in with the high-libido demographic. Jack of all trades, master of none. That’s the downside to partners with short attention spans, Lots of experiences but lacking expertise. It’s a bummer when you get a toe curling bed shattering experience, get excited about the next repeat only to hear, “I’m not feeling it” or “Why can’t we do something else? “ when they want to switch up the pace of things.

There is sometimes some overlap between the “freak” demographic who is down to try anything at least once and the “high-frequency” group who needs consistent satisfaction. Mastery requires consistency.

For people with high libidos doing it IS a NEED in the sense that there is a tangible decline in mental focus, productivity, and overall demeanor from irregular intimate relations. I’m not a scientist, but people with strong urges would agree.

There may be a correlation between driven ambitious people that are leaders and….high libido. I have zero studies to back this up, though, it’s just a hunch.

Ann may be the WRONG girlfriend for YOU.

I’m a recovering workaholic, and I’m the best girlfriend for OTHER workaholics who prioritize the PHYSICAL aspects of a meetup over the fuzzy wuzzy extras. You’re the right MAN for me if you’re too busy to worry about what I’m doing on a Wednesday unless you’re trying to hump me that day.

The downside to being driven is coming across as narrow-minded to the “live and let live” types. The upside is when you’re with me, you have my full attention, because I’m a master focuser, and a weak multitasker.

Ann’s Dead Bedroom Theory

I have a theory (again, not a scientist) that the cause of dead bedrooms is all the clutter in the room. Clutter as in hidden expectations, secret assumptions, past heartbreak and drama and all the weird psycho-goop that gets in the way of Part A smoothly gliding into Slot B.

My job is to make sure the obstacles stay out of the bed so that there’s a high probability of satisfaction (on your end).

Before you met me…your daily routine might’ve looked like this.

When you tried getting some “action” in the past the process might’ve felt like this.

When all you wanted was this…

So your day would be like this…

so you can get back to that…


The only thing frilly about me is my underwear. 
Frilly people constantly move the goal posts, can’t decide on anything and say everything that sounds good only to flop and break their word whenever it’s awkward. You have high self esteem already, so you’d rather I stroke other things besides your ego.

I have soft skin, but I also have thick skin, and when you book me, you can get straight to the point immediately if something needs polishing or adjusting

You get:

  • ✅Zero interruptions and 100% of my attention
  • ✅Laser-like focus on your unique expectations
  • ✅You can visit me or have me visit you…or fly to you ✈️

I promise:

  • 🚫No Excuses: I commit to things I CAN do, If I can’t, you’ll know BEFORE you book so your time is protected 
  • 🚫No Judgment: Constructive criticism is welcomed, I’d rather you grin with joy than grin with gritted teeth
  • 🚫No clock milking: Your time is YOUR TIME. Each second is dedicated to YOUR satisfaction.

Having a high drive can be a gift and a curse at times, a personal pet peeve of mine is when lower libido people try to exploit that and wait until you’re ornery and horny to bring in the Trojan Horse (the WRONG kind of Trojans) and use that moment to push hidden agendas (when you’re too turned on to notice the nonsense). My agenda is pretty clear: I like $$$ and I like getting off. I don’t like sneaky psycho-babble creepy agenda pushing, so I will never treat YOU to that crap.

The right guy for me feels similarly 🙂

You didn’t come here to watch me do THIS

You’d much rather WE do THAT

Book Ann, she understands.

What you can expect is from me is bulls-eye focus on the things YOU like. There’s always room for improvement and you benefit DIRECTLY from my obsession with feedback.

Because I have blind spots, I’ve made this questionnaire so that you can shed some light on what matters most to YOU. This protects your time by providing a road map to making sure each minute counts.

If you’ve read this far…you already think I’m hot. But there are LEGIT reasons NOT to see me (even if you have the money and you’re a really nice, standup honest guy).

If you’re the slow-to-make-decisions type, you may find other ladies to be a better bang for your buck. I am the nuclear high octane option when you have HARD DECISIONS to make. Candlelight dinners and slow music is good for alleviating a bout of insomnia but NOT for adventure. I’m the woman to call when you want to shake tables, make NOISE and add intensity to your week.

Going to new places without getting a chance to explore is like saying you know everything there is to know about a city because you briefly stopped there on a layover flight. It’s a weak substitute for full IMMERSION. And that’s why, you might’ve wondered how come there is only a tiny bit of me “out there” online. It’s because social media is the kind of format that works for people that want to expand their reach WIDER rather than DEEPER.

I’m the woman to call if you like it DEEPER rather than WIDER. Let me be the release valve for pent up urges that needs an outlet. Sometimes you just need FRESH ENERGY.

How can I meet you?

I used to have a Fantasy Survey which was a personality assessment that I had to filter for compatibility and I did it in such a way that I asked for LESS information than other experienced providers in my league, like you could book without showing ID and selfies. I think a lot of guys would rather show ID than show the inner-workings of their psyche with a personality survey so I’m opening things up and you have the choice of EITHER or.

CLiCK HERE for BLUE PILL Pre-Booking: This is the standard booking form where MORE RWI is required, it’s based on standard industry screening standards that ignores personality. I call this the Blue Pill because even though you’re being screened, it’s a gamble whether we get along well or not…so more acting is involved to make up for lack of familiarity.

CLiCK HERE for RED PILL Pre-Booking: This is the Fantasy Survey where you may or MAY NOT get an appointment even if you have a clean background. It’s based on compatibility rather than cash and profitability. If you’re the tin-foil hat type that wants to give as little RWI as possible then choose this option.

It speeds things up if you give at least 48 hours notice if you would like a guaranteed appointment time. PRICING DETAILS ARE VISIBLE ON THE FORM (when I’m actively available), click either of the links above to begin pre-booking.

But I CAN’T always pre-book?!? What about last minute same day options???

Is this your first time  trying to see me?

Calling, texting, e-mailing, and sending private messages on ad sites are 

snail s-l-o-w🐌 methods of getting an appointment…if we’ve never met before.

I typically check my messages on online ad venues ONCE a week. 

If you’d like to SEE ME IN A HURRY and rush the process,

Click on this button →⏰ otherwise you *risk having to wait at least 168 hours before you get an answer. 

How much will it cost?

Current Pricing are on the Booking Links. (THAT’S WHERE YOU’LL SEE THE RATES) Each booking link looks a bit different (you’ll know which one is for you), but pricing is on all of them.

NOTE: When I’m away on vacation,the form is updated with an AWAY Message and that will be shown INSTEAD of the Price, Questions & Booking Info. You’ll have the option to put your email if you want to be notified once I’m back.<

Where are you located?

Image39I call South Carolina home. When I’m in the north, I’m in Maryland usually. I travel to DC a lot, but consider anything below the Mason-Dixon line “SOUTH”.

I avoid nickel-and-dime penny pinch nitpicking over travel fees, so my hometown (South Carolina) rates have been stable for years, and what likely shows up on reviews floating the web since I’m there majority of the time. If I’m outside of South Carolina, you may see the numbers look higher because the cost of travel is already baked in with the rates presented.

On my booking form, if I’m accepting short notice appointments THEN (and only then) is my current physical location posted (for safety reasons).

You can click the banner below or go to my P 411 profile (148962) to see where I INTEND TO VISIT (and where I am accepting appointments). I also post most up to date pics on P 411 regularly because it’s fast and convenient when I’m on the go.

If you see me post an ad in a particular city, then it means I’m willing and ready to travel there…but does not necessarily mean I am CURRENTLY THERE. Just click the button below and we can get started today. 

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