Simplest reason is that I prefer to speak with BODY LANGUAGE than WORDS. I take an instinctual approach to meeting new people and am a woman in touch with her natural senses and urges. This comic sums it up… Too often people use words, innuendo, hints, distractions, status signals andContinue Reading

I’m back in the South! If you’re in Virginia, and would like to see me, I’ll be in Richmond from June 1-15. I can travel all over so if you’re in another city in VA, let me know so that we can coordinate things! I plan to stay in VirginiaContinue Reading

I’m back from a MUCH needed vacation and am excited about my return to New England! I plan to be here for most of spring so if you’re in Stamford, Hartford, the Casino area or any major CT city do reach out to me!Continue Reading

  I apologize for failing to respond to my emails quicker. The flood affected me greatly so I had to move up north. I’m accepting appointments in the northeast for the time being but my goal is to be back in the south around Halloween. If you’ve reached out toContinue Reading