I call Charleston, South Carolina home. When I’m in the north, Connecticut is my base.

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You’ve taken great care in selecting the sort of companion you’d like to see. Likewise, I take great care in choosing who I’d like to meet.

Click here for the appointment booking form. (It’s SSL Secured)If you find forms frustrating, then you can click it anyway, read it and send the same information to 

I generally respond to inquiries within 6-12 hours. It’s preferable if you give 24 hours notice if you would like a guaranteed appointment time.

Fly Me to You

I have a passport, and love visiting new places! To fly me to you anywhere in the US-or the world, you would have to cover the cost of the plane ticket and half of the consideration. My deposit options are discrete, private, and anonymous. Travel anywhere in the US just requires 2 days notice. International travel however, is only available to established friends at this time.


Keep the language clean, please. I like to be treated like a lady. 😉

To make things simple, just leave the consideration in a visible place. If we’re together on an outing, simply place it discretely inside of a book, magazine, or small gift bag. Discretion is more important than presentation.

This is to be done within the first five to seven minutes of us meeting; or I’ll have to abruptly end our meeting. It’s much preferable to meet in a relaxed environment than a hostile one.


I’m more of a sweet romantic woman than a “wham-bam thank you ma’am” provider. I prefer longer engagements, as it gives us more time to connect with each other. 🙂

Rates vary because of associated expenses in each region. For international travelers, a currency converter is available here.

The South (Charleston, SC and all states below the Mason Dixon Line)

$360 per hour (established friends only)

For new friends, the minimum option is $540/90 minutes.

The North (New England and all states above the Mason Dixon Line)

$400 per hour (established friends only)

For new friends, the minimum option is $600/90 minutes.

The Big City (NYC, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. Boston) & Fly Me to You (anywhere outside of the east coast United States or Internationally)

$500 per hour (established friends only)

For new friends, the minimum option is $700/90 minutes.

Extended-stay options are available for established friends. A 30% deposit is required for appointments longer than 2 hours. All deposit options are private and completely anonymous.  International travel is only available for established friends.

Remuneration for personal services is for time and companionship only. Whatever may occur is a matter of choice between two consenting adults.


I am verified & accept Date-Check. Listed in escorts